Center of Excellence

Quality medical care is a combination of talent, hard work, resources, funding and leadership, and a constant drive to rise above the pack. Dermatology clinics that go above and beyond in delivering quality care and exceptional patient experience are recognized Clinical Centers of Excellence (COE) in Dermatology. The purpose of designating a healthcare facilities as Center of Excellence is to recognize clinics that bring a little something extra to the specialty, whether through research, patient care or community outreach.

Institutions under consideration to be named Clinical Centers of Excellence are asked to self-report data and other information, which is checked against publicly available information. Depending on the specialty, these criteria may include:

  • Quality improvement initiatives
  • Community outreach
  • National awards and recognition
  • Number of referrals for the particular specialty area
  • Number of patients treated/procedures performed per year
  • Systems in place to prevent errors
  • Outcomes data (e.g., mortality/morbidity rates, unnecessary readmission rates, etc.)
  • Level of technological equipment on site
  • Follow-up care programs (e.g., enforcement of secondary prevention/medication compliance)
  • Patient education efforts
  • Patient satisfaction survey results
  • Evidence of incorporating research and clinical care

Recognized as a Center of Excellence in Dermatology, Dermatology P.C. is considered among the finest Dermatology clinics in Central Iowa. We offer personalized patient care, access to latest technology and the clinical support necessary to deliver promote patient care and outcome.